Steampunk Telephone Anyone?

Calling all Steampunk aficionados! Need that finishing touch to your Victorian parlour room? Fancy a change from your Juno style burger phone? Fed up by the convenience of a mobile? Then feast your eyes on this little beauty!

This is a replica of the 1982 L. M Ericsson model (apart from the buttons…we don’t think they had push dial buttons back then) BUT it has a wind up magneto generator crank, hours of fun spinning that baby round and round.

The website also boasts that;

This Steampunk telephone has a die-cast handset and body frame, dark charcoal body, antique brass finishing, and a classic felted handset cord.

How very fancy! But how do I get one? I hear you cry. You can order one, or ten here.

Source: Geek Native
Reporter: Sara Westrop

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