“Stranger” Teaser Trailer is a Mystery

badrobot_strangerAside from that tiny Star Wars project he’s working on, what has JJ Abrams been up to lately?

Good question. The teaser trailer for the latest Bad Robot project doesn’t offer up many answers, but it sure is creepy!


All we really get from the trailer is that we’ll know more “soon.” We don’t know why there’s a man stumbling through some choppy water, we don’t know why there’s a man whose mouth has been sewn shut and we don’t know the “truth.” But we will soon, apparently.

This certainly isn’t the first time Bad Robot has done this kind of thing. They kept audiences guessing before Cloverfield was released, which seems to have worked out well for them. And based on the fact that the Stranger teaser already has over 1.5 million views on YouTube, it looks like they might be onto something here as well.

Check out the teaser trailer below:



Source: Den of Geek
Reporter: Mirjana

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