Street Fighter Assassin’s Live Action Series Now Available on Machinima

Following the initial release of episode one last week, all 12 episodes of Street Fighter Assassin’s, the live action web series based on Capcom’s fighting game is now available on Machinima’s YouTube channel. The Capcom-sanctioned project was originally slated to be Kickstarted but then received private investor funding for its development.

The series including the original trailer has already received over 3.3 million views including 1.1 million views for episode 1.

Epsiode 1: Beginnings

As Ryu and Ken near the end of their training they are impatient to master the power of ‘Hadō’. Their Master, Gōken, worries about sharing this powerful technique. Gōken sets Ryu and Ken on a quest to find Gōtetsu’s Dojo where he trained.

All 12 episodes of the series can be found here:


Source: Machinima

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