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As Liz came up with this brillant idea of putting some of the cool geeky stuff she wanted to get her grubby little mitts (note to liz I’m sure you hands are neither grubby or indeed mitts) I thought I would nick it and put a few of my ‘If I had more money than god’ picks up (which is a silly statement as we all know the almighty doesn’t have a wallet or pockets) .

You can check out Liz’s awesome picks here

If any of you geeks at there want to make up your own lists and send them into us at [email protected] then go for it.

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Terminator with two guns…nuff said really. Now if I can find the whopping 999.99 quid needed to pick up one of these bad boys then I’m all set.

Iron Man Iron Man does what with a Iron can. Irons clothes any size… No wait that’s wrong.

There’s just always something iconic about the image of clark ripping open his shirt to reveal his kryptonian self that I never tired of.

Everyone keeps telling me I need to check out Brubaker’s run on Daredevil(and then the Bendis) run. Well now that I’m reading and enjoying the Daredevil event Shadowlands which is going on at the moment I think it’s time I did just that.

I love the Rocketeer film so this statue would take pride of place on my desk.

The Shadow knows…just how badass a statue he is.

Ok I’m putting this next lot of picks under my Indiana Jones is my fave thing ever subsection..hang on to your Fedora, cause here we go!

Awesome diorama of the final battle between Indy and Mola Ram
Indiana Jones: Prop Replica: Ark Of The Covenant (Product Image)

Once I have this bad boy in my possession I can set about leveling mountains and laying waste entire regions…starting with my back garden.

This is a very cool indy statue and all that but this next Indy statue is the one for years I have wanted but either never had the cash or been able to find it.

This for me has always been the Holy Grail of Indiana Jones statues…I would put my hand into a vat of spiders to own this statue. Anyone that knows me knows that is no easy thing for me. This particular statue is also signed by Harrison Ford!

There ends my picks for now, hopefully the rest of the Geek Syndicate (of which there are many!) will start putting up their picks.

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