Summer of Indie – Comic Review: Space Radio #1

Space Radio #1

Writer: Jared Throne

Artist: Hillmon Ancrum

Space Radio focuses on the adventurers of Rosie Rampage and Dora Dismal, who both work for IPS (Intergalactic Postal Service) delivering packages around the universe. Along their travels they meet enemies and friends alike, all while hosting a Rock-Centric radio station called N. D. Galaktic Radio.

I love this comic, for me it’s the music aspect is what lifts it above most other indie comics. At the end of the issue there is a music playlist which fits in with the kind of story Jared is telling, an extremely innovative aspect, I’m sure you’ll agree. Also, the story lends itself to, well anything really. As you will see from reading the first two issues, It could go anywhere, which makes it unpredictable and very exciting. You’ll be taken on a ride with this comic series and I love where we’ve been taken so far.

Issue 1 is bags and bags of fun, racing around the galaxy, beating up bad-guys and rocking out! Seriously though, ‘fun’ is the one-word description of Space Radio. And lets be honest, whats wrong with that?

Of course there are going to be teething problems, after all this is Jared and Hillmon’s first comic. For me, the way that Rosie deals with the bad guys makes her look like she’s some sort of trained fighter. Maybe she is… But it isn’t apparent, she just jumps at them without a second thought. It bothered me a little but doesn’t re Rosie also seems to contradict herself a little at times, when reasoning with herself and the main bad-guy, the dialogue, for me, gets a little convoluted.

On the art side everything looks great! There is a Manga style, which works surprisingly well with the more American story. It works wonderfully in Black and White, and Ancrum is great at conveying emotion in his work. Also, the layouts look fantastic. The art doesn’t follow the normal panel-to-panel structure. But rather a more creative and visually pleasing one.

Space radio #1 is a really solid issue. You lean a lot about the characters and it is a really fun read. While its not perfect; its fun, looks awesome and an all-round solid Comic Book. It gets a well deserved 4 out of 5. I can’t wait for the rest of the series, you should get the first three issues – they are available here to buy from ComiXpress.

GS Reviewer: Tom

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