Summer of Indie. Film: REVENGE

Indie FBI thriller comes out in October

Burgafilms Entertainment is currently in post-production of their independent feature film titled “Revenge”.

The film is based on the Boston FBI as they investigate a group that is killing for profit. Agent Jack Riley (played by Kevin Barrett) is the lead agent on the case personally motivated by the abduction and murder of his own wife. He is assigned a new partner, Erin Thomas (Jill Manning), who is a strong willed agent that tries to pull the reigns on his rouge techniques. Lead Agent Andrew Garnell (played by Leo J. Maloney) monitors them both as head of the Boston FBI office.

The three of them face Ryan Mackly (Brendan Potter) a twisted deviant making a business by killing cheating lovers. He is accompanied by his henchmen played by Bobby James Fournier and Dan Butler. This high paced action thriller is designed to take the audience on a roller coaster ride with an ending that will leave them speechless.

New comers, Kevin Barrett and Jill Manning make their debut appearances in Revenge, while Leo J. Maloney, 27 Down, Luke Eleven and Brendan Potter, The Evangelist, Ditch round out the cast.

Revenge began filming in June 2009 with locations including South Boston, Middleboro, Taunton, Carver, Weymouth, Hopedale, and Milford, Massachusetts. Currently wrapping up in post production, Revenge is set to release in October 2011.

Collaborative writing began on the suspense thrillers screenplay in early 2007 by Brandon Quaranto and Kevin Barrett. Additional portions were contributed by Derek Quaranto and Tom Betschart, bringing some unique plot twists, keeping the movies grasp of the audience.

SOURCE: Burgafilms

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