Summer of Sci-Fi Film Festival Begins on YouTube

Earlier this year, Wildseed Studios teamed up with Sci-Fi-London for their 48 hour film challenge, an event in which participants not surprisingly had to create a film in two days. Now the Summer of Sci-Fi film festival has started on YouTube and is set to showcase the finalist films from the event.

The 18 shortlisted films, judged by a panel that included Danny Boyle and Warwick Davis, will run on Wildseed Studios’ YouTube channel which can be found here. 4 films will be available on launch week and include Back Issue, which takes a dark look at a world in which biometrics have developed their own mind, and Jupiter’s Glare, a film which examines a teenager’s dilemma in a gender crisis hit re-imagined future. There are also welcome videos from the founder of Sci-Fi-London Louis Savy and Wildseed Studio creative director Jesse Cleverly. A handful of new films will be released each week along with behind the scenes footage and interviews.

The event wants the public to have a hand in who might ultimately win. You can do this by going to the YouTube channel and liking, commenting and even simply viewing the films that take your fancy. The creators of the winning film will gain support in making a micro-budget feature film with Wildseed Studios, a prize well worth having for any budding film creative. Previous winner Gareth Edwards went on to direct this year’s monster hit Godzilla after all.

Head over to the festival channel now and have a look at what this year’s festival has produced. You might just see the same name popping up on a Hollywood blockbuster in the future.

Jupiter's Glare Back Issue

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