A ‘Sunset Overdrive’ Overview

Sunset Overdrive is the most energetic game you will witness all year. It’s fourth wall-cracking, silly, and full of attitude. That’s exactly the game you want from Insomniac Games. You play as “you,”  someone who drank Overdrive and has been blessed with abilities, without turning into a hideous monster. This  is where you let loose, play with crazy weapons, and unleash crazy abilities. Your character is also extremely customizable, from hat to shoe.

Playing this game with no colorful secondary characters would be a bore, so there’s Floyd, a scientist who knew better than to drink Overdrive. Floyd’s got a lot to say, so watch a video featuring that dude.

An interesting fella, but I’d like to learn more about Overdrive’s factions, and the people within them.  Besides story and character, I’m concerned about gameplay, and how long my interest will hold. Variety is the key to replayability, so it’s good to know that there are nasty monsters, but also robots to contend with.  Sunset Overdrive is coming to console in late October, 2014. It is an Xbox One exclusive.

Source: Insomniac Games
: Vichus Smith

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