Super Knocked Up Gets a Second Season!

Webseries Super Knocked Up will be getting a new season thanks the wonderful ‘crowd’ sourced funds set up through Creator Jeff Burns’s Indiegogo campaign! Filming officially began last week on October 14th, according to their blog.

The show stars  Jourdan Gibson as Jessica James/Darkstar. Darkstar is the lead, female protagonist whose love – and family – lives become quite messy after an evening between the sheets with her arch nemesis Captain Amazing, played by actor Michael Masters.

Wait. What? His name is Captain Amazing?

Well, okay. You might be thinking that with a name like that, how could he be Darkstar’s ‘arch nemesis’? DO NOT be fooled. His name may sound pretty heroic, but if the escapades of Season 1 (which we highly recommend you watch) were any indication of the kind of ‘man’ he is, then you will all soon find out just how AMAZING-ly UN-Super he is!

Nobody is as excited as the cast and crew, just check out this Super Vlog they posted to find out what to expect in Season 2.


Source: Super Knocked Up
Reporter: GI Jolie


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