Superhero Mural Created to Help Save Curzon Soho

Bookshop Gosh! Comics and publisher SelfMadeHero have joined the effort to Save Curzon Soho from the people who want to demolish it. Both outlets have supported the creation of an amazing superhero mural drawn by artists Krent Able​ and JAKe​ on the wall in the Curzon Soho Cinema.

The mural features a whole host of heroes, from Batman and Django to Princess Leia and Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. Check out the picture below to see which other heroes you can pick out:


A cool YouTube video has also been released which is a time-lapse recording of the mural going up. You can watch this below:


“It’s a crying shame that another well­ loved Soho landmark is being threatened, so we jumped at the chance to help. What would happen if the developers were met by a glowering samurai, a dark knight and a tooled up superteam of the silver screen’s most badass icons?  Let’s prove that the pen ( and paintbrush ) is mightier than the wrecking ball.” – Artists KRENT ABLE and JAKe

For more information about the campaign to Save Curzon Soho and the various ways you can help, head over to the Curzon Blog for details.

Source: Curzon : Photo Credits: Neil Massey
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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