Superman Lives – What could have been!

I’m not Superman but i feel like i just dodged a bullet. This is video proof that Superman Returns wasn’t the worst Superman movie we could have been given by Hollywood. What was Burton smoking when he dreamed up this sideshow horror. It is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen and I’ve been to France. Can you possibly imagine a world where Nick Cage got into this suit and then made a 2 hour movie in it! *shivers*

Can any Superman Fans out there tell me if anything like this has ever appeared in any Superman comic anywhere?

And i don’t mean Superman Red/Superman Blue:

I want to know if Superman ever wore a pulsating neon green costume like the one in the video!

GS Reporter: Matt

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  1. Planet Telex /

    …wasn’t this already posted today by someone else?

    • Yes it has been, however this is my opinion on the suit and that post was theirs

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