Superman vs Batman: Mark Strong for Lex Luthor?

Lex_Luthor Is this generation’s Alan Rickman in line to be DC’s big bad guy?

So Montoc and I both had a bet on this one – if Luthor was to be older than Superman (a la Gene Hackman vs Chris Reeves), I favoured Terry O’Quinn (Lost, Falling Skies) in the role; but if he were young (a la Smallville) we both liked Mark Strong for the role.

So it looks like Strong, who played master Green Lantern and future supervillain Sinestro in the “give-it-a -second-chance” The Green Lantern, has hinted that he’s in the frame for role in Batman vs Superman (or Superman vs Batman – depends on your allegiance) as super-genius tycoon and arch-nemesis Lex Luthor. Asked if there was any truth behind the Lex Luthor rumours, Strong replied, “All I can say is… watch this space.”

Strong is pretty much brilliant as a genre villain no matter what the context: John Carter From Mars, Kick-Ass, The Green Lantern, Sherlock Holmes, and put in a great performance earlier this year in UK gangland thriller Welcome to the Punch opposite James McAvoy. He follows in the tradition of casting good Brits as Hollywood villains – Alan Rickman (Die Hard, Harry Potter, Sweeney Todd, Robin Hood ) being a prime example.

Were this to be true, Strong would join Chris Evans & fellow Lantern star Ryan Reynolds as an actor playing multiple characters in the same universe – Reynolds & Halle Berry being the only two to cross DC & Marvel universes. He also joins some serious A-listers (Hackman & Kevin Spacy) to have played Luthor.

Warner – if you’re listening… no objection here!

Reporter: SilverFox

Source: Digital Spy

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