Surprise Panel for KAPOW! Announced

Just an hour ago KAPOW! announced a suprise addition to the schedule at KAPOW! this weekend.

Thats right British Actor and Director Noel Clarke will be holding a Q&A panel on the Saturday of KAPOW! Noel is best know for his appearances in Doctor Who.

Source: KAPOW!

GS Reporter: Matt

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  1. Joe /

    While I have to agree there have been a couple of good announcements recently, Thor being great. How come its a surprise Noel Clarke is doing a panel as he has been on the guest list since day one. It looks more like the surprise panel did not happen and Noel is the gap filler. I have meet him before and he is a great guy and a talented director. Its just seems odd to use him now in this way. See you all there Sat.

    • It’s a surprise because his panel wasn’t on the official schedule and was announced as a sunrise extra. If the “real” panel fell through why would they cover it with Noel Clarke when no one knew there was a surprise panel. It would make more sense to just add novels panel to the schedule and not even meeting the surprise.

      Have fun at the con and make sure to head over to table 83 and pick up a issue of Fallen Heroes. The comic adaptation of geek syndicates very own Barry Nugent’s novel

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