Syfy Cancels Caprica

Low ratings has killed Caprica and it will be removed from immeadiately leaving us to wait till 2011 to see the final 5 episodes.

“We appreciate all the support that fans have shown for ‘Caprica’ and are very proud of the producers, cast, writers and the rest of the amazing team that has been committed to this fine series,” Mark Stern, executive vice president of original programming and co-head of content for Universal Cable Productions, said in a statement from the network. “Unfortunately, despite its obvious quality, ‘Caprica’ has not been able to build the audience necessary to justify a second season.”

I’m sure the dissection of what caused the demise of this intelligent sci-fi show has already started, but among them has to be Syfy‘s strange scheduling and Caprica’s tendency to overindulge the religious storylie in favour of that of Cylon genesis.

Syfy have offered a silver lining though with it’s announcement last friday that it has greenlit a ‘Battlestar’ spinoff about William Adama’s early days as a viper pilot. The two-hour ‘Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome‘ pilot is expected to air either late next year or in early 2012, and could lead to a full young Adama series….which is a still a long time without the BSG universe.


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  1. The worst thing about the cancellation is the delay in airing the last 5 episodes.

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