Syfy Cancels ‘Stargate Universe’

The Folks at SyFy are following in the footsteps of Fox by cancelling some of the best TV on the airwaves! after the annoucment that they will not be renewing “Caprica” they have now revealed that after the final 10 episodes of Stargate Universe airs next spring the show will not come back for a third season.

I am actually upset at this decision! i am a massive Stargate fan and Universe was some damn compelling TV! If anyone needs me i’ll be in the corner crying like a little girl!

Hopefully the show will get some sort of ending and not just finish on a cliff hanger!

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  1. monts /

    To make matters worse check out the tweets from two of the cast

    DavidBlue David Blue
    Crap. Just heard the news as well. Apparently, nobody decided to tell us ahead of time. My rep heard it online. Seems they cancelled #SGU..

    MingNa Ming-Na
    To find out #SGU is cancelled 1st from my tweeps is the power of twitter. I’ll miss my #SGU family very much! Thank u 4 your love & support!

    • DISGUSTING! They should of been told long before we found out! This damages the chances of getting a wrap up movie like SG1 got

  2. This was really bad news.. it could be the end of the franchise for now..

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