Syfy to develop Ronin and Pax Romana as Miniseries

Syfy have announced that Frank Millar’s comic series Ronin and Jonathan Hickman’s graphic novel Pax Romana will both be developed into the miniseries format. 

Ronin is about a samurai who failed to protect his master from a demon. The samurai awakens in a futuristic New York in the body of Billy, a medical experiment. Together they hunt the demon who has also reawakened and try to stop a magical sword falling into its hands. Pax Romana is about a special forces team who travel back in time on the eve of World War III to attempt to fix the past and stop the future being so deadly.


I’m sure any fan of the comics will be interested to see how these miniseries’ turn out, and many will be hoping that the end product does justice to its source material.


Reporter: Casey Douglass

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