SYFY Killjoys launches with UK’s first FPV drone bounty hunt

The UK’s first FPV drone bounty hunt took place to mark the UK premiere of Killjoys, which starts of Syfy on Monday 25th January at 8pm and Geek Syndicate was there to test our piloting skills.

SYFY’s Killjoys is a show about bounty hunters in the far reaches of space using all manner of tech to capture their mark. Some of these techs will be drone like crafts to help in their hunt. So to celebrate the UK premiere on the SYFY channel they invited a few fugitives to see what they could do.

We entered a secret warehouse on the edge of river Thames and were ushered upstairs where we watched the first episode of Killjoys (see our review HERE) and afterwards we went to another level where our drone experience began.

We were greeted by Thomas Greer who is the UK FPV league leader. FPV stands for First Person View as these drones are not just flown but they put you in the driving seat. Thomas first talked us through how the drones worked and then explained how the visor works.

I have flown drones before but not with a visor and I have to say the experience was pretty damn cool and really felt like I could have been part of the Killjoy bounty hunter team hunting my mark.

The visor fitted well on my head and at first you are a bit confused by the out of body experience as the view os from the camera in the nose of the drone so once you actually stop moving your head and body everytime the drone turns you are OK.

The drones themselves were very sensitive and took a while to get used to the controls and I am pleased to say that I did not do to bad after a few goes. FPV drone racing is fast becoming the latest sport for any in-the-know people. Big thanks to SYFY channel and Killjoys for creating an experience unlike any other and, hot off the back of this new trend, putting people into the bounty hunters’ driving seat like the characters in Killjoys.

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Killjoys is on SYFY Monday 8pm.

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