Syfy’s Defiance Looks Pretty Cool with This New Trailer

Defiance-season-1-2013-Syfy-poster (1)
This new trailer for the Syfy show Defiance has me really excited as it shows some real promise with all the right ingredients to make an epic series.

The show is also a multimedia project with its own MMO third person shooter to run along side. Now normally a project like this is a small independent one but this looks massive.

It has a feel of various shows including Firefly, Falling Skies, Jericho and others but somehow it seems to work and the effects looks great as well.

I just hope that it gets the audience it deserves not the one it might get. So set your diary’s for this 12 episode  show which comes out in April.

Source: Den of Geek
Reporter: Montoya

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    ok, somebody has got to be the first to ask this so I might as well be the one: Why is everybody in the future WHITE?!!!

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