Old and New “Syndicate”


I wonder how hard a heart you have to have for remakes to not like this trailer.

To get yo refreshed, this is the original Syndicate

Maybe fans of the original were expecting a Stacraft II like update, but c’mon, an FPS remake is acceptable, no?

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  1. No, the beauty of the old version was in the strategy and controlling a group of agents. So unless this has a co-op element where you have other team members even in single player mode, then the graphics look nice but it’s just another FPS (!cos we need more of those rather than something new and interesting!”

    • I understand the loss of team strategy, but just from the one trailer this is not “just another FPS.” It looks like there are many tools to your disposal, so it’s not just a run-and-gun affair.

      I think the rationale is that an FPS is easier to adapt to consoles than a strategy game is. PC gaming was a different deal 10+ years ago.

      What would have been really great would be a top-down strategy/FPS hybrid, where you could easily jump from the two perspectives.

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