A game the size of a boiled sweet tin that is both crazy and fast. Sounds like a sure-fire hit right? Lets find out when we play Dobble on Geek Syndicate Table Games.

2-8 players
Ages 6 and up
Playing time: 5-10 minutes

Once again I am floored by one of these small games that you can take anywhere and play on the go. The aim of Dobble is play or take cards depending on what game you play as there are a few and either gain as many cards as possible or lose your cards the quickest. You do this by matching symbols on the cards which sounds simple enough but trust me when it gets going it is tough. This is because every card will have at least one symbol on it that is on every single other card so there will never be a time that your card does not have a symbol that is on another card even though you may think that is the case.

On each card you have 8 of 55 symbols that are called anything from a green blob to an Igloo or a moon to a key or even a Dobble, yes there is a symbol which is the weird purple guy on the tin. Each symbol looks the same on each card but the size can differ so on one card the crossbones could be small and on another it could be the biggest symbol on the card. This means that you have to be quick at spotting your symbols.


The rules are simple enough and they vary depending on what game you play. The rule book does an excellent job of instructing people to play the games. The four games are as follows:

The Towering Inferno: Each player starts off with one card face up and the rest of the cards in the middle face up. Each player looks to see if they can spot the matching symbol on the centre card and if they are first they take that card. Then we see the next card in the central deck and once again the first player to spot a matching symbol nabs the card. The game keeps going until the main “well” of cards is empty and then you count how many cards you have. The player with the most cards is the winner.

The Well: This game starts with one card face up in the middle and each player has the rest of the cards divided evenly between them with the cards faced down. When you say go all players flip their cards over and then players need to spot the matching symbol between theirs and the middle and when they do the put their card in the middle. This means players are trying to lose as many cards as possible.

Hot Potato:  Now we have a different type of game. Each player is given a card face down on their hand and when you say go you all flip the card over and the players then look for the matching symbol on another person card and shout it out then place it on that card and then it is left to the remaining players to carry on until the last player has the cards and adds them to their pile. The game carry’s on like this until the deck has been used and then all players count their cards and the winner is the one with the least.

The Poisoned Gift: The last game of the four is a sneaky one because you are adding to other players decks. Each player starts off with one card face up and then the middle deck is turned over and the players look for the matching symbol from the middle card and another player’s card and you can then add it to their deck. The game ends when all the middle deck is gone and the player with the least in the pile is the winner.

There is a fifth game called Catch Them All but it is not as fast or as fun as the four above.

Dobble comes in a small tin about the size of those tins of boiled fruit sweets you get at petrol stations. Inside you get 55 round cards and a rule book that contains rules for each of the various games and also the correct names for each symbol. The cards are decent quality but my only gripe with the components is that the tin lid has a terrible habit of opening when you don’t want it to but that can be solved with an elastic band. The game can fit in a handbag or coat pocket very easily which makes it very quick to get out and play.


The fact that Dobble is small and highly portable (can fit in a handbag or coat pocket), means you can play it pretty much anywhere you have a surface. I have played it at a dinner party, at work during lunch, on a train and in a pub all with the same result. People love it.

The simple rules mean that anyone would be able to enjoy this game. I have played it with folks of all ages who all got the rules in about thirty seconds. The game lasts about five minutes but then you play immediately again so you can end up playing all four types of games for about an hour.

Dobble has won over a dozen awards so far which is pretty good for a small tin of cards.

Overall Dobble is a great little filler game, in between longer games, that is suitable for pretty much anyone, anywhere and at anytime. We here at GS proudly recommend this great little game.

Below is a short video showing how to play the game.


GS RATING: 4.5/5

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Source: Asmodee
Reporters: Montoya


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