TABLE GAME REVIEW: Marvel Heroes Battle Dice


This week at GS Table Games, we look at Marvel Battle Dice – a cross between Yahtzee &  Top Trumps!




Okay – first thing: this game has been discontinued. However, with not too much effort you can easily assemble enough collateral to still play a very enjoyable game to a satisfactory level. The base starter game (brand new) can be picked up on eBay for a tenner; booster packs can be picked up on Amazon or eBay for a fiver.

Single characters can be picked up on eBay for a few pounds, up to £10 for the rarer ones. There are also battle dice launchers, which are large-sized versions of the Thing and the Hulk. Secondly – this game looks cool, however you have it displayed!


Marvel Battle Dice Lancher Hulk 8541967030_da80c256f9_zreview_mldice_9 220px-SilverSurfer_BattleDice

The game works by placing the figures (approximately 1″ inch) into the battle dice, which have certain attributes by popping the dice open. When the dice are rolled, the player with the lower dice roll goes first. They select an attribute on the character, and use them to battle the other figure(s). Then the attributes take place, and so on and so forth, and the player with a certain roll wins, etc. The attributes are measured on a 0-6 scale, 6 being the highest. Those attributes are: Intelligence, Strength, Speed, Durability, Energy, and Fighting Skills. Characters are ranked by points; in most tournaments, teams cannot exceed 30 points.

The first run of characters was 68 big, including most of the big names – a second run was done in VERY limited numbers, and if you can find them (and I have a few), they trade for a few dollars more. The first run can be divided into six distinct teams:

  • Fantastic Four / Avengers
  • Fantastic Four / Avengers Villains
  • Marvel Knights
  • Marvel Knights Villains
  • X-Men
  • X-Men Villains
  • various special edition characters in clear/transparent plastic

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Many support sites exist – I recommend:, but there are plenty of others about.

The game has appeal if you like stats-base, Top Trump like games. It requires very little space, so can be played on a plane / train quite easily – a typical game can last around 30-45 minutes. However, like Top Trumps, very quickly you learn the strengths & weaknesses of the various characters, and therefore which handful can win you the game. The addition of the dice, with their individual attributes and their ability to hide characters within, gives another dimension and further longevity to the game-playing.

And finally the character pieces…they are so much better to handle than cards, and they look so cool!

The History Bit:

The game was created by Genie Toys and licensed to Playmates and it began with the majority of the superheroes and super villains from Marvel in 2006. On September 12, 2006 Playmates Toys officially announced that the game would no longer be supported. The official site announced that the company would be turning its attention away from the game. Series 2 figures although announced for release no longer have an official release date and may never ship. The game received quite a few reviews all of which were above average. And an official reason has not been given as to the end of this games production.


GS Rating: 3/5
GS Reporter: SilverFox
Sources: eBay, Amazon, Wikipedia

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