Tak Toyoshima – ‘Secret Asian Man’ Cartoon Strip

HeadshotSAMI stumbled across the guy a while back, on a Facebook posting, and he’s got a great sense of humour! Tak Toyoshima is an Asian American art director with the Weekly Dig and the author of the comic strip Secret Asian Man.

Secret Asian Man revolves around Osamu “SAM” Takahashi, a father, an art director and a dreamer – between work, family and hanging out with his friends, SAM is also an aspiring comic strip artist and hopes to someday share his work with the world.

Sam’s best friend since school is Charlie, who is a consummate tinker of technology and someday hopes to finish his own personal Iron Man suit. Charlie also loves to invent infomercial-bound products and even had quite an adventure with his most successful product to date: Lunchkins – the lunch bag that’s a napkin

SAM Scifi

Phew! At least I have Dr Bashir from DS9 & Dr Suresh from Heroes as my role models…

Source: Secret Asian Man
Reporter: SilverFox

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