TARDIS for Sale as Cafe in Edinburgh?

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, commutable to Edinburgh and fancy opening the world’s smallest Doctor Who themed cafe, then this could be right up your street. This B grade listed building is for sale for £15,000. It’s an iron Edinburgh pattern police box – you can’t get much more authentic than that!

The property has been approved for conversion into a cafe (click here to see the planning application summary), though I’m sure you can see from the photos that a fair bit of renovation work still needs to be performed. Unfortunately, as this is an actual Police Public Call Box rather than a Type-40 TT capsule it is NOT dimensionally transcendental. Nope – it’s smaller on the inside.

I’m mildly horrified that the proposed plans for the cafe include a re-paint of the box. Not to a vibrant new blue. No, to maroon. The horror!

Joking aside, I’m sure this is a quirky enough proposal that it could draw in quite a bit of custom to the right cafe-runner. I’m not sure what the footfall is on its location on Drumsheugh Gardens, but I do know that breakfast rolls, lunch rolls for passing commuters on their way to work and a cup of TARDIS tea are always welcome. The prospect for some great names on the menu and the chance to become a local tourist landmark are clearly right there.

Here are some photos from the rightmove site for the property.

External View - TARDIS Cafe?

External View – TARDIS Cafe?

Front View - Police Box Cafe

Front View – Police Box Cafe

Smaller on the Inside

Smaller on the Inside

With that, I’m off to work on my Doctor Who food based puns.
  • chicken Ood-les…
  • Cyber-chip buttie …
  • Eggs-ter-marmite on toast …

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Source: Rightmove.co.uk

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