Team ‘US & China’ Battle Hackers in Michael Mann’s Cyber-Thriller

Spike TV's "2010 Video Game Awards" - ArrivalsNo – it’s a not a new puppet film from the makers of South Park. It’s Michael Mann’s as-yet-untitled cyber-thriller, set to star Chris Hemsworth, sounds like the type of film Mann does best, as well as a slightly less cynical industry move to ensure they rake more of that Chinese money when they cash in the box office receipts.

Mann’s next picture will centre around a U.S./Chinese task force that is in hot pursuit of a hacker located somewhere in South-East Asia. The task force would consist of joint-intelligence agents looking to take down this credible threat which hails from the Balkans.

Hollywood is currently in full swing of trying to depict the China in a positive light, in increase their appeal & chances of being allowed to be shown to audiences in the country, resulting in bigger dollar amounts at the box office. What better way to do so than by starting to incorporate some Chinese heroes?

Source: Hollywood Reporter
Reporter: SilverFox

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