Apple Bytes: Apple iPad NPI Day: 22nd Oct


Don’t order that tablet yet – next week promises new iPads as NPI (New Product Intro) Day is upon us! And a New Walking Dead app on iTunes!

Well after the generally well received launch of the iPhone 5S & 5C, and mixed reception to iOS7, we can all get ready for the unveiling of Apples next generation of iPad & iPad Mini. Rumours abound of a lighter, thinner, more refined product, running Apple’s new 64-bit A7 chip and sporting an improved camera, with a smaller frame / bezel that maximises the available screen size, as well as better battery life and that all important “TouchID” fingerprint access. The unanswered question is will the new iPad Mini incorporate the Retina Screen – opinion seems divided as rumours are that the glass yields have been low, but an upgrade from the iPhone A6 processor to the A7 seems likely. There’s also a suggestion that both models will also be available in the same three color options as the new iPhone 5s — silver, golden and space gray.
And will we get any insight into what will follow: new Macs, a 12″ tablet (iPad Maxi?), Apple TV or the iWatch? Fingers crossed and watch this space!


FOX UK has just announced the launch of “FOX Fan”, a free news & entertainment portal app available for iOS devices, and it launches with the exclusive presentation of brand new webisodes of The Walking Dead, just ahead of season four arriving on UK TV this Friday. Webisode one is titled “The Oath”, it’s the story of a desperate and injured couple fleeing a zombie incursion to seek help at a medical centre. But it turns out their saviour may be more malevolent than the biters outside! “Our brand new webisodes provide viewers with a thrilling new parallel storyline to sink their teeth into,” says Sergio Falcon, Fox’s VP of Digital Media Europe. “The new FOX Fan iOS app gives viewers inside access to recent news and content from their favourite shows.”

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Source: The Verge, iTunes, International Business Times

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