Dell Updates Alienware X51 Console Gaming PC

Alienware-mx51With the next generation of consoles due out later this year, the gap between top end PC’s and consoles will disappear, for a little while anyway. In anticipation of the PS4 and Xbox One, Dell has announced that its Alienware X51 gaming PC will be refreshed with Intel’s new Haswell processors, as well as the option of the very powerful Nvidia’s 2GB GTX 670 graphics  card.The Alienware X51 has been updated to include optional fourth-gen Intel Core i5-4430 and i7-4770 processors (up to 3.2/3.9 GHz) (a third-gen Core i3-3220 comes standard), either 1GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 645, 1.5GB GTX 660 or 2GB GTX 670 graphics, 6GB to 16GB of RAM, and optional dual hard drive/SSD storage (1TB HDD/256GB SSD). The new Alienware X51 starts at $699 in the US. No UK pricing has been announced but the current systems starts at £599.00 in the UK so we should get similar pricing for the updated model.

Alienware-mx51 2


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