E3 2013: Redesigned Xbox 360 Console Revealed

Xbox-360 NewWith much of the focus on the Xbox One, Microsoft showed that it is still committed to the Xbox 360 by unveiling a new redesign 360 that has been design to fit into the Xbox One design concept.

The new two-tone matte and shiny black Xbox 360 will be quieter and smaller than the existing model and will come in 4GB and 250GB skews.

The new Xbox 360 UK price will start from £149.99 for the 4GB console, or £199.99 for the 250GB console. Microsoft confirmed that this new version of the Xbox 360 will be available immediately, in the UK, US, Ireland, Canada and Australia.

Microsoft had previously confirmed that it would continue to support the Xbox 360, with some of the recent Xbox One cames also coming out on the 360 includingt Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and other future games.


Xbox-360 New 3

Xbox-360 New



Source: Pocket-lint

Reporter: Soulfinger

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