TECH TALK: Lego Red Dwarf & Star Trek Communicator

You can NEVER get enough of Lego, right!?!? Bob Turner of Bob’s Vintage Lego go touch with us to share his Red Dwarf Lego idea a mention:

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Apparently it’s had a fantastic reception, and in a little over a month of going live, it’s already reached over 5,000 supporters and is now on the front page of the official Red Dwarf Website as well as the front page of the “Lego Ideas” website.

WRT to “Lego Ideas”, if an idea for a Lego Set gets 10,000 supporters it goes into review and could become an official set – previous winners include The Big Bang Theory.

It’s even had re-tweets from show members such as Craig Charles (Lister), Danny John-Jules (Cat), Doug Naylor (creator), Norman Lovett (Holly) and Clare Grogan (Kochanski)… We think it looks brilliant, so ‘Good Luck, Bob’!!!

Given the pace of technology and what can be achieved with ever improving silicon that integrates more capability, lower power and smaller die size, it was only a matter of time before we got a real-life working in your hand Star Trek Communicator!


The Wand Company’s Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator is basically a Bluetooth headset on steroids – that is to say – you need to pair this with a mobile phone in order to communicate (it has no cellular processor itself), but it does come with some tres cool features: initiate, answer, and terminate calls; listen to music as per any Bluetooth enabled speaker, skip tracks, fast forward etc, and invoke these functions via your mobile device’s voice command mode. So for an iPhone, you can accomplish anything Siri can do for you: dial a number, check the weather, create an appointment, send a text, etc. The Wand Communicator also plays the same familiar Communicator sound effects, and any one of twenty different dialog clips using voices from Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, and Uhura. Physically, it is a labour of love to the millimetre of what we all accept a Star Trek Communicator to look like!

Check it out:

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