Tech Talk #10: MS Digits & Cash on the XBox 360; More Gadgets For Under £100!

Tired of being told that Apple have a new £600 tablet PC, or McClaren have a new £270K coupe convertible? Do you really care that Bose have a new audio-dock for £1,000? Whether you are pimping your bag or your pad, here’s a round-up of some cool sub-£100 tech & toys…

Turn your iPad into a a pub quiz machine, complete with hand-slamming plastic-style buzzers with the Apptoyz Appquiz, £30

Why not turn your coolest most artistic instagram creation into your own bespoke Casetagram iPad case? £35 will do it.

£12, and you can thrash your friends at the next poker match whilst they are all bedazzled by the deck of Personalised FaceBook playing cards which have 54 of your mates’ profile pictures on them.

Like something straight out of Blade Runner, £25 willl land you an Ella-Ella LED umbrella with neon fibre optic shaft, and a bright LED torch in the handle.

Around the size of a matchbox, the Logitech cube is possibly the most intriguing spin on a mouse design that you’ve ever seen. Be careful it doesn’t still the limelight from your presentations! £60

Microsoft has begun switching from the Microsoft Points virtual currency system to a real money system as the default way to pay on Xbox Live. Reported by both The Verge & Eurogamer, in the Windows 8 beta you are able to pay for content in the Xbox video store using MS Points but the store itself defaults to credit card transactions. This will in all likelihood be implemented on Xbox 360 with a new dashboard update due out later this month. The Windows 8 operating system releases on 26th October.

Microsoft Research also unveiled a working prototype of their wristband controller a.k.a. the Digitis, that looks set to revolutionise gaming control. The Digitis can track hand and finger movements through a series of infrared signals and cameras, and unlike MS’ Kinect, it doesn’t require direct ‘line-of-sight’ to work. While this prototype device is a bit ‘chunky’, MS envisions the final product to be wireless and the size of a wristwatch. Checking out the shots on the BBC, I see great potential for a Spiderman based game…

Source: The Verge, Eurogamer, BBC News
Reporter: SilverFox

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