Tech Talk #17: Dr Who TARDIS PC System £1K

How have I managed all this time without one…

Scan Computers International have released the PC System that I should be using to write this article. Pictures speak louder than words, so here goes:


  • Dr. Who TARDIS PC Chassis
  • Intel Pentium G2120 Dual Core, 3.1GHz
  • Gigabyte GA-H61N-USB3, Intel H61
  • 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz
  • 500GB Western Digital HDD
  • 300W be quiet! BN133 SFX Micro-ATX PSU
  • Sony Blu-ray Writer
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Premium 64bit
  • High quality aluminium model matches official Pantone blue colour of the original Tardis.
  • Official BBC WW Ltd licensed product
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Exclusively available from Scan Computers
  • Handles and poster on the front door match original TARDIS (door does not open)
  • Includes DVD or Blu-ray drive hidden behind ‘Police Box’ sign

As Objects of Desire goes, this is pretty cool! The system is exclusive to Scan Computers and starts from £935.99 (inc VAT)

Oh well, back to the bashing keys on the old HP…

Sources: Scan Computers International
Reporter: SilverFox

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