Tech Talk #18: Iron Man, PS3, Google Glasses & Temple Run

This Issue: Real Iron Man Gauntlets, Google’ Project Glass, Sony Squeezing the Last £ of Life out of the PS3 & Temple Run 2 Hits 20 Million Downloads in a Weekend!


Cos-Play Iron Man Gauntlet That Fires “Real” Repulsors?!

Not exactly Tech News, more ‘extreme cos-play’, this gear was built by Patrick Priebe at Laser Gadgets. This Iron Man gauntlet incorporates what must be at least 15mW laser pointers, if they say that they are capable of bursting balloons (you can pick them up on the internet for around £10). So as long as your enemy has secured himself behind inflated rubber… you’ll be fine!

Iron Man Gauntlets


Google Glasses: your arm is a keyboard

Having really gotten the patent bug after buying Motorola, Google has recently filed a patent application for two gadgets that could be added on to the arms of its current Project Glass spectacles. A miniature laser projector that can beam a virtual  keyboard or a set of buttons onto a tabletop or even your arm or hand. There’d  then also be an infra-red camera pointing in the same direction that could  detect you “touching” the buttons with a finger. This technology has been around for a few years now, originating out of Israel, with various add-ons available for PDAs & smart-phones that project virtual keyboards onto coffee-tables etc. Google’s patent refers to the specific usage on the arms of a pair of spectacles. The existing thought-train is that the glasses may have a microphone to allow for voice commands, but there are of course, occasions where you can’t or don’t want to speak out loud.

The real tech of the project is to create “augmented reality” spectacles which can overlay visual information directly into your eye-line, e.g. in providing you with turn-by-turn walking directions in cities, but in theory it could display e-mails or texts without the need to reach for your smart-phone. Think of it in terms of a pilot’s helmet head-up display all in the lense of your glasses, or those ‘chunky’ monitor eye-wear things without having to have a portable PC strapped to your belt (these glasses would presumably Bluetooth to your smartphone).

With the current miniaturisation of CMOS camera censors, this could even mean being able to  almost instantly take a picture of anything you can see.

Google Glasses won’t be commercially available until next year, but developers at the this week’s Google Conference can get an advance pair for a mere $1,500.


Temple Run: 20 million downloads in four days

In just one week after launching in Apple’s app store and hitting over 20 million downloads in its first weekend, Temple Run 2 has now expanded to Android and the Amazon market today, proving that not just Angry Birds rule the waves. The game, which holds down the #1 free spot on iTunes, adds to the portfolio of creator Imangi Studios, whose original Temple Run has been downloaded over 170 million times since its launch in August of 2011, and Temple Run: Brave, which is a significant paid download for partner Disney. Should Temple Run 2 show the same legs as its predecessors, and the franchise would reach more total downloads than there are people in the USA.

Not bad for a husband-and-wife team, Keith Shepherd and partner Natalia Luckyanova. I have got to push my kids to think something up…


And Finally, Sony In Desperation…

… have launched a limited edition version of the PS3 in either red or blue at £250, presumably to squeeze one more £ out of it before the PS4 arrives:

I refer you to the Amazon site for the specs – in the words of a great man: “‘Nuff said!”


Sources: Geek Native, Yahoo, ABC News, Amazon
Reporter: SilverFox

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