Tech Talk #7: Sony’s New PS3 “Skinny,” LucasFilm News and Social Media Insurance

This Week: Sony Announce PS3 “Skinny,” Lucas-Film finally gets after 3 & 1/2 decades, and, um, Insurance for your Social Media!?

Sony Confirm New ‘Lower’ Cost 12GB PS3, with Oct 12th European Release Date

Sony need a big win – and soon! Sony’s calendar quarter 2 figures for 2012 show a net loss of $312m. It made a whopping $19.2Bn in sales for the 3 months to June 30th, partly credited to adding Sony Mobile fully into the family (once Ericsson pulled out), but huge restructuring losses elsewere. Gaming-wise, the PlayStation maker suffered a $45M loss, as sales of the PSP & PS3 fell and were only partially offset by the PS Vita.

So, whilst the 500GB version of PS3 will launch in Europe on September 28 for around €300 (bundled with FIFA 13 to mark the new football season), Sony have announced that they will release a cheaper version equipped with 12GB of flash memory, priced at around €230 (standalone), in early-mid October.

The 12GB version model will still be able to connect a SATA internal hard drive (using an official mounting bracket), or upgrade with an official PlayStation 250GB internal HDD. The PS3 ‘Skinny’ is said to be 20% smaller & 25% lighter than the PS3.

Question: presuming that the FIFA game would retail at the €50 mark anyway, and is one of the most successful game franchises available – who’s going to buy this version of the PS3 for €230? You might as well buy the bundle at €300 and sell the game sealed on eBay if you don’t want it…

Source: CVG

After 35 years, LucasFilm finally owns!

Fusible ran a great piece this week reporting that, 35 years after Star Wars was released, LucasFilm finally owns the domain. The domain had been owned for over ten years by a Mr. Ron Koskinen. Although LucasFilm has trademarked “Darth Vader” and other proper names in the Star Wars universe, it has brought surprisingly few legal actions against “cyber-squatting” owners of Star Wars domain names. The last one of any note was when they complained over back in 2000, sending a letter to owner Steve Mount asking that the name be relinquished – the whole thing went public & legal.  Other domains Lucas Film don’t currently own include: – registered to HANSOLO Building Services. – a parked web page monetized with ads.

Lucasfilm doesn’t even own or

Source: Fusible

UK’s First Social Media Insurance launched

A new high or a new low? I’m still in a state of disbelief after reading this.

Information privacy company Allow is the first UK firm to offer social  media and mobile phone insurance. My first concern is that very little can be stopped on the Internet. I suspect that having taken your money, if your FaceBook account was hacked, this company may require you to demonstrate that you hadn’t been careless in your computer house-keeping before paying out (“Did you ever leave your PC un-attended in a work environment?” – Doh!).

One site I read stated that “ALLOW will (apparently) also give you greater control over you personal details on the Internet, determining who gets to see them and also revealing who is tracking you.” That’s got to be right, as various EU countries, including the UK, prohibit the use of tracking tools – which makes that service null & void.

Anyway, I think I’ll give this a miss and get the Meerkats to work on finding me a decent SIM City house insurance policy…

Source: PC Advisor


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  1. Holy crap, Europe is getting raped for the PS3. In the U.S. the 120 GB Slim is USD $250 (€192). Ironically, the 12 GB won’t even be released here. Sony says that it’s because U.S. consumers have “higher digital content demands” and have traditionally just upgraded their hard drives or just bought a second console. Well, compared to the prices in Europe, I’m not surprised that U.S. consumers would opt to buy a second console.

    • And that my friend, is why I buy most of my tech when I come on my twice annual trips to your “much lower taxation” country! 🙂

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