Tech Talk #8: Netflix’s PS3 Remote, Sony’s Android SmartWatch & The ‘Ostrich’

Updated Netflix app controls the PS3, Sony’s new Android Watch, and quite possibly the dumbest invention this side of Christmas!

Updated Neflix App for iOS/Android Offers PS3 Remote Control ‘Easter Egg’

The Netflix app available for both Android & iOS devices, has been updated with a hidden feature – ‘a second screen’ remote control. If however, like me, you downloaded this onto your iPad with great anticipation that you could control your LG HDTV or XBox 360, you would have been very disappointed – it only works for the PlayStation3.

As the video on the Engadget site shows, the mobile app can connect remotely & control the PS3’s built-in Netflix widget, allowing you to select, stream, pause / rewind etc via your mobile device, as long as both your device and PS3 are sitting on the same local network, but strangely, it’s not referred to in the app instructions or on the App Store page.

Sony’s Launches Android-Based SmartWatch – A Bit Before It’s Time

I’m pretty sure I have previously mentioned the Italian ‘I’m Watch’, as an object of desire that I must save up for (weighing in at a might €350, so I took a great interest in the Sony Mobile Communications ‘SmartWatch’, being touted at a mere £90.

The SmartWatch uses Bluetooth to connect to any Android smartphone (such as a Sony Xperia S), and it purports to keep you discreetly updated and your hands free. It ships with either a black or white neoprene strap, or in a variety of colours in a 20mm wide band. In terms of size and appearance, the SmartWatch does look akin to an iPod Nano with a wrist strap. It requires a bespoke USB cable to in-line jack (2.5 / 3.5 mm?), so very similar to an iPod Shuffle.

Once ‘bonded’ with your phone, the SmartWatch will sync and notify from a number of the phone’s applications, including Twitter, Facebook, and Email. In terms of user interface, there are the four actions you have with its capacitive touch screen: swipe x/y-axis & in either cardinal direction, tap, or pinch/zoom. There is also one physical button is on the right hand edge, which turns the screen on.

There are some great third-party applications already available including Google Maps: which means you can look at your wrist, rather than carry a phone in your hand, for turn-by-turn directions when walking down a high street. It is completely dependent on its Bluetooth tether to your phone, and can’t do anything without, as it doesn’t have its own WiFi or GPS chip, etc, and that also means it’s an additional battery drain on your handset.

At that price though, I’ll be very interested when someone brings out an iOS version…

The New ‘Ostrich Pillow’ – When You Absolutely Positively Have to Stick Your Head in the Ground

Kickstarter has initiated funded on some amazing products – but this isn’t one of them!

The Ostrich Pillow looks like a pumpkin, with strategic holes cut in it, and is claimed to allow you to power-nap anywhere,  as well as help travellers get over jet lag from long-haul flights (I want to see that one stand up in court!).

Stuffed with synthetic material, the pumpkin pillow has a hole for your head, a breathing mouth, and two side holes where you can store your… hands!

Just go look at that damn photos for yourself!!!

Source: The TelegraphEngadgetSony
Reporter: SilverFox

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