Tech Talk: Google ChromeCast vs Apple TV


Mano a Mano… the Rumble in The Jungle for what you hook up to your HDMI TV!

Times are hard – money is tight, and a Sky+ Box with the Sports & Movies package can set you back a pretty penny per month. So everyone is on the look-out for lower cost, in-house entertainment alternatives. If you’re considering a TV streaming device, to take advantageous of your better home-broadband, then you really only have two candidates: Google’s new ChromeCast, priced at a mere $35 USD, and the established block on the cabinet, the very much undersold Apple TV. Here’s a quick comparative round-up:

GS CONCLUSION: The Google ChromeCast is limited, but it’s cheap. As with many “Apple vs something else” comparisons, if you had the cash, you’s probably buy Apple. What TV and where you have it might make the Google plug hard to mount – you might even have to use an HDMI extender cable. In truth – if you have a mix of Android & iOS devices at home – I recommend you spend the $135 and buy both… that’s what I’m doing…

Sources: GizMag
Reporter: SilverFox

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