Tech Talk: Phones, Watches and It’s All Change at Nokia

tech1 Microsoft finally buy Nokia, Samsung release their Smartwatch and we get ready for Sept 10th (Apple NPI Day)!

I really wanted to take more time to write this, but events have overtaken me. First of all the biggie was that Microsoft paid $7.2Bn for ailing Nokia. And the questions are: Is it too late? Can Microsoft put in the iTunesque infrastructure to compete with Apple? Certainly they own Office, the single biggest piece of corporate software in use in the world today, so if they can get laptop / tablet / phone to seamlessly connect & transfer content via the cloud, throw in a few Angry Birds Apps and music tracks, they may stand a chance. Remember, Apple doesn’t have a foothold in the business world, and Android never will, so Microsoft need to man-up, or become the next Blackberry / RIM. Just to put it into context, let’s not forget that Nokia make good phones – really good phones – with probably the best cameras on them. They got stuck with not being able to follow Apple into apps. Microsoft could fix that.

And so whilst all that was happening, Samsung did their bit to take the shine of Apple’s traditional upcoming New Product Intro Day at the IFA event in Berlin (think CES for Europe), Samsung announced their new SmartWatch:


Now, I think it’s a piece of junk: it only interfaces with other Samsung devices, not other Android devices, it’s nothing more than existing smartwatches by Sony Ericsson, Pebble etc, and it’s twice the price. But it does beg the question, what do we all want from a smartwatch? No-one is ever-going to raise their wrist to their ear, so making it interface with the phonecall functionality is a no-no; what we want the watch to do, is those things that we don’t feel comfortable walking around with our phone in our hand: GPS, for example – I hate walking the street with my phone in my hand – I might drop it, it might get grabbed from my hand etc. Better if my watch could give turn by turn directions.

Which now brings me to Apple. We are five days away from NPI Day, so if they are also planning a watch it had better be phenomenally good! Seriously, if it looks just a wristwatch with a big LCD display, but even more expensive, then Apple are going to stall too. And of course, with any hotly anticipated NPI Day, rumours abound regarding the latest iPhone and possibly, the iPad, which include:

  • a 31% faster 64-bit A7 chip for Apple’s iPhone 5S
  • an option on a gold-coloured case
  • a bigger battery

See you on the 10th Sept…

GS Reporter: SilverFox

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