10 Teasers for Hustle Season 8 Episode 2

Want some teasers of the next episode of Hustle then take a look here.

This week the team have a difficult situation to resolve. The plot revolves around a stolen Picasso and two sets of gangsters. There is also a great meaty role for Martin Kemp to get stuck into.

Here are ten teasers to keep you till the episode airs.

1: One of the crew is found hanging upside down.

2: One of the team has 6 hours to live!

3: There is a stuffed cat.

4: Albert sings Hello Dolly

5: A familiar face returns

6: One of the gang gets s snog they did not want

7: The bar is still empty

8: Mickey only says about 30 words in the whole episode

9: We find out what the Mickey waffle is

10: Eddie is looking to get a date.


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