Ten Teasers for Hustle Series 8 Episode 4

This week Mickey and the gang target a married couple who made their money with a health products scam and use a Faberge Egg as the Macguffin.

Once again we have ten teasers for the next episode of Hustle which did make me laugh.

1 There is a poker game where Sean is made as a card counter

2 One of gang plays a black cab driver

3 A grifter has a heart attack and has to go to hospital

4 John Barrowman puts on a terrible American accent

5 There is a diet plan that makes you get fatter

6 One of the gang puts on a LOT of weight using a fat suit

7 Eddie gets a girlfriend YAY….

8 Someone grabs Ash’ genitals

9 A wife says she will not do the Mango thing again if her husband does not shut up….

10 Someone is sick in the trash bin

There you have it.


GS Reporter: Montoya

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