Tetsuo: Bulletman To Be Released Next Year.

Photo: io9

Photo: io9

Japanese Director Shinya Tsukamoto was at the San Diego Comic Con yesterday promoting the latest addition to the Tetsuo series, Bulletman He also brought a ten minute clip to give the audience a feel of what the film might be like.

The film revolves around Antony (voice actor Eric Bossick), a gaijin saraiman (white collar worker) who starts to transform into a biomech after the tramatic hit an run death of his son by a mysterious driver. Using his new form, he hunts down the assailant.

here is the discription of the ten minute clip from io9:

He showed us the first 10 minutes of footage from the film, with some sound effects missing. As a fan of the creepy, violent series, I have to say the new film looks very promising. Antony’s wife is a paranoid shut-in who hates Tokyo, and Antony’s dad is a crazy biotech worker who insists on testing Antony’s blood every month because he’s afraid he’ll die of the same “cancer” his mother died of. (But when we see Antony’s blood emitting a tiny waft of smoke, we think perhaps mom might have died of a more Tetsuo-like disease than cancer.)

After the evil car guy kills Antony’s son, we see the first version of his transformation into Tetsuo, which looks oddly like a Talking Heads video. I say this simply because he’s a white guy in a suit, twitching and making strange faces in front of a screen filled with television static. Later he thrashes around in glowing water, his body rippling with machine parts that eventually emerge from his flesh “like a bullet,” as the director put it.

This will be Tsukamoto’s first English language film in conjunction with Ace Studios. While they’re still working on the film, production will wrap around September and will hit film circuits in 2010. While Tsukamoto whopes for a wide release in the US, I don’t see it happening. Unless of course a production company buys the rights and remakes it while putting the original out on DVD. The best bet is to hope someone like Magnet (Magnolia Films DVD company) or Sony Classics pick it up and put it on DVD.

The panel was made to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the release of Tsukamoto’s first film Tetsuo: The Iron Man. The film opened the world’s eyes to Japan’s Fantastic Cinema as well name Tsukamoto as the first true innovator of the “Body Horror” genre as well as the first true Cyberpunk director.

Source: io9

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