That’s My Spot! New Big Bang Theory Merch at CafePress

If you’re a fan of Big Bang Theory and like saying so proudly, then the new CafePress store should make you go “Bazinga!” faster than you can play Rock. Paper. Scissors. Lizard. Spock!

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Jim Parsons’ Sheldon so I’ll probably be getting a Team Sheldon shirt…and the “I Am Immune to Your Sarcasm” shirt…and…you get the idea.

But those aren’t the only items available; CafePress is the home of the official store for The Big Bang Theory and have a ton of geek-tastic designs like:

Fans can also create their own designs with your favorite The Big Bang Theory statement thanks to CafePress’ customization engine. Check it out here and feel free to link to your designs in the comments.

Source: CafePress
GS Reporter: Sharlene

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