The 9th/10th Doctor’s Tardis to Appear in New Doctor Who?

So you’ve all seen the Doctor Who series 6 trailer in the post below this one? right?

Well did you notice at 36-37 seconds into the video you catch a glimpse of what looks an awful lot like the previous Tardis interior? no? well ok here is a screen grab i just took!

Thats Rory and Amy on the right and those are the Tardis controls on the left and those definitly look like the Pillars from Christopher Eccleston and David Tennent’s Tardis. Also it looks like it’s exploding or something?

here is a snap for comparison!

Could this mean we are getting a multiple doctor story?…….. probably not but let the speculation begin!

Source: BBC

GS Reporter: Matt

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  1. I imagine Tennant would jump at the chance to come back, it’s just persuading Eccleston that’d be trouble…

    Alternatively maybe they just use it for a quick destruction shot where they didn’t want to wreck the new set?

    Good spot by the way, hadn’t noticed that at all!

  2. Charlie /

    It could be the Masters TARDIS and it could be the master regenerating.

  3. Its definitely the previous TARDIS, but its hard to tell what’s going on within that sphere.

    I’ve started slowly analyzing screenshots myself. They’ve definitely thrown a lot in there.

  4. david /

    it tardis could be going back in time though the interiors like when the doctor save the universe but he went though his own time stream

  5. johnny /

    Notice in the middle there seems to be someone there!!

  6. Tom /

    no, I think the more likely explkanation is that there was a TARDIS in series 5 that was experimental, and we’ve already seen shots of that TARDIS (from The Lodger episode) in the new trailers, so it’s probably that TARDIS but with it’s interior design switched on.

  7. Wil /

    It’s clearly the 2005-2009 Tardis. The experimental one looks quite different, the master is gone and even if he were to come back, why would he make his Tardis look like the Doctor’s? It seems to be Rory and Amy on the left, hiding behind one of the pillars and it seems to be an explosion/regeneration in the middle. If I had to speculate, I’d say Rory and Amy have somehow been thrown back in the doctor’s time line and maybe something in this sequence will explain the Doctor’s explosive regeneration (They might even link it to his apparent death in “The Impossible Astronaut”).

    • Wil /

      forgive me, Rory and Amy on the ‘right’.

  8. Josh /

    Who sais it will be the David, it could be who ever says : “Silence will fall” inside the tardis when Doctor Song is flying.

  9. Could it be possible that the Doctor’s clone and Rose came back to this universe through the cracks in series five? In one of the deleted scenes in Journey’s End, the Doctor gave the clone a chunk of TARDIS corral to build his own TARDIS, so there is the possibility that Amy and Rory could have met 10.5 and Rose. Either that, or they’ve gotten thrown back into the Doctor’s time line. This could probably be the ninth or tenth Doctor’s regeneration scenes. That, or it’s linked to the Doctor’s death at the beginning of the Impossible Astronaut. I’m anxious to find out!

  10. doctor song /

    the doctor and his tardis biuld a junk tardis and find amy and rory in the old one becuse the tardis in human form traveling with the doctor to the real tardis being powerd by evil house and idris lock’s them on to one of the old control rooms i;e this one

  11. Shhh.....Spoilers /

    I think there are 2 people inside the bright sphere. It might be one of the 10th doctor’s campanions and the 10th Doctor himself. It’s more like the Silence has sth to do with this. With the cracks in time I dunno whether Amy remembers the Daleks


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