The Art of Thunderbirds – Limited Edition & Original Collection

Art you Grew up release details of a fantastic exhibition of Thunderbirds inspired art

I always believed as a kid that there wasn’t a problem that the Tracy boys from International Rescue couldn’t resolve in an hour (except crossing over into a decent live action film…one day). As an adult a part of me still watches with hope as the latest disaster unfolds live on the news, that Thunderbird 1 will suddenly fly into shot, followed by Thunderbird 2. That Scott Tracy will set up his mobile command center while Virgil unloads whatever the latest rescue gadget that Brains has cooked up to go into the Thunderbirds 2 pod.

There was something so cool about a show in which it’s heroes weren’t constantly trying to beat the villain all the time and most of it was spent just trying to save lives and not take any credit for the deed.

In honour of this fantastic show the team at  Art You Grew Up With have put together an awesome display of Thunderbirds inspired art on the ground floor of Selfridges as part of it’s “British Heroes and Icons” display.

Prices range from £35 (unframed) through to £5000 for a framed painting so hopefully there a piece to suit everyone’s pocket. You can get more info at Art You Grew Up With.

Take a look at some of the fantastic pieces you can get your hands on…forget that stuff in the Tate Gallery, this is the kind of art I can get my head around.

Source:Art You Grew Up With
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