The Avengers Gets a Pixar Makeover

So what would an Avengers film made by Pixar look like?

This awesome Avenger/Pixar mashup by J. M. Walter  may give us a little idea. See if you can spot what Pixar films were used to make this mockup.

On the subject of Pixar and superheroes if anyone from Pixar is listening could you sort out making an Incredibles 2 film sooner rather than later please…cheers!

GS Reporter: Nuge

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  1. Well, I can give you Nick Cage as portrayed by FroZone from The Incredibles, The Thor dude is from Brave, That’s Elastic Girl and Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles as Black Widow and Capt. America, respectively, Charles Muntz from Up and of course the Hulk is Sully from Monsters Inc. Honestly no clue on the last one.

  2. alex /

    the last one is a chef from rattatouille, the one that once killed a man using only his thumb.

    • Ahhh… I was guessing it was from Ratatouille because that’s the one Pixar film my kids don’t watch over and over again. I love it, though.

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