The Blurb Gaming TV Show on Challenge TV in the UK

The Blurb Titles-2We don’t get many dedicated gaming shows on UK TV and over the years several have come and gone. Well for gaming fans there’s a not so new show shown on Challenge TV called the Blurb and made by Ginx the makers of a previous gaming show no longer on TV, Gameface.

The Blurb is your weekly round-up of the very best video game news, reviews and action from the biggest events on the gaming calendar, brought to you by Lizzie Huang and the Ginx team. It’s actually just started its second season but I’ve only just come across it by a chance advert is saw on TV last week. I had previously watched Gameface its predecessor but was not very impressed with it. Hopefully this will be a better show.

Blurb is shown every Monday night at 11pm on Challenge, Sky channel 125, Freeview channel 46, Virgin Media 139 and Freesat 145. Episodes can also be seen on Ginx YouTube channel.


Check out the video below show a clip of what you can expect from the show.


The Blurb



Reporter: Soulfinger

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