The British Comic Awards are Coming!

The team behind the fantastic Thought Bubble convention have joined forces with a brand new Comic Awards event which have just opened it’s door to nominations.

For a while now people have said that we could do with another comics awards show and now we have one the shape of the British Comic Awards. The BCA website has just been launched with information galore. The list of  awards on offer are far more streamlined than at most awards events and I think that’s a good thing, certainly for the first year, as it should avoid a lot of confusion and give the judging panel more time to focus on the nominations. I’ll be interested to see if this list of categories grows in the second year of the awards. Speaking of the categories they are as follows….

Best Comic for short-form, self-contained stories.
Best Book 
for long-form comics and collections.
Young People’s Comic Award for short and long form comics suitable for children voted for by young people.
Emerging Talent 
to recognise irrepressible talent and potential in a young or new creator.
Hall of Fame
 to commemorate the career and legacy of an influential figure from Britain’s rich comic history.

In terms of what titles people can nominate the sky is the limit by the looks of it.

“The Committee welcomes suggestions of titles for consideration from readers, shops, creators and publishers alike. Let us know your favourite comic from the last 12 months (1st September 2011 – 31st August 2012), whether they be hand-stapled mini-comics or iPad apps, to ensure it is considered for the shortlist.” Please get in touch but make sure that your suggestion is eligible for nomination.

The Awards show will take place at this years Thought Bubble at Royal Armouries Bury Theatre between 6pm and 7pm on Saturday 17th November 2012.

BCA founder Adam Cadwell explains his reason behind the way the awards are being set up.

The British Comic Awards were conceived in May 2011 after I witnessed the simplicity and elegance of the Doug Wright Awards in Canada. I felt the UK was in need of something similar. I starting talking to other comic artists and the Thought Bubble team about setting up a new awards and a year later we’re ready to go. I can’t wait to see what titles end up in the shortlists, what the young people pick as their favourite and I’m very excited by the first inductee to the Hall of Fame.

The comics culture in Britain is hugely ambitious, but often very modest too. It’s about time we pause for a moment and commend some of the incredible work that’s being done and highlight important creative works for the general public. – Adam Cadwell

I’m already booked to attend this years Thought Bubble the prospect of seeing what they can do with their own awards show is something I’m eager to see. It’s great to see another awards being set up to recognise the very best us brits have to offer the world of comics.

Right now I’m heading to the Nominations page to cast my picks for the awards I suggest you do the same and lets help give this show a great first year!

GS Reporter: Nuge

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