The Collector Trailer Is Online

Plot from Fangoria

The Collector follows the story of handyman and ex-con Arkin, who aims to repay a debt to his ex-wife by robbing his new employer’s country home. Unfortunately for Arkin, a far worse enemy has already laid claim to the property—and the family. As the seconds tick down to midnight, Arkin becomes a reluctant hero trapped by a masked ‘Collector’ in a maze of lethal invention—the Spanish Inquisition as imagined by Rube Goldberg—while trying to rescue the very family he came to rob.

This movie is written by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton of later Saw fame. It’ll also be Dunstan’s first time directing. The movie hits theaters July 31st in the US.

Y’know, while there is news about the movie from time to time on the regular horror channels, there hasn’t been much buzz created around it. Usually, even when a crappy film is getting ready to be released, there is at least a little positive or negative buzz about it leading up to the release date. There’s nothing for this film. Nothing at all, Now this could either mean the studio was slow in giving proper PR to the sites or people are tired of movies by Dunstan and Melton and the studio has little faith in the movie and are overlooking it for the latest Saw fix.

Judging by the trailer, it looks like a less thought out, less planned Saw. Like it was outtakes and filler footage from the other Saw films they’ve worked on and just edited into a movie. The writers went out of their way to get with independent studios for this?

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