The Creators of ‘Kill Shakespeare’ to Descend Upon the 2012 Bristol Comic Expo

 Fans of the comic book series Kill Shakepspeare who are attending the Bristol Comic Expo will be pleased to know that the creators of the series – Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col will be attending the show. This will be the guys first ever UK comic convention.

The two Canadian creators will not only have theier own table in the Commonwealth Hall but they will also be hosting a panel at the Ramada Hotel.

March 20, 2012
Toronto, Canada: The Canadians are coming! The Canadians are coming!

The Canuck creators of the controversial and award-winning comic book series Kill Shakespeare, Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col, will attend the 2012 Bristol Comic Expo with one goal in mind – ensuring the death of Britain’s favourite son William Shakespeare.

“Sure, Shakespeare may seem like a big target, but we’re not afraid of trying to take down the greatest writer in the history of the English language,” said co-writer Conor McCreery. “We hope the fans in Bristol will get as excited by our alt-Shakespeare tales as our fans have in the colonies.”

Kill Shakespeare is an adventure story that pits all of Shakespeare’s greatest heroes (including Hamlet, Juliet, Falstaff, Othello, Puck) against the Bard’s most menacing villains (including Richard III, Lady Macbeth, Iago) in a quest to track down and kill – or save – a reclusive wizard by the name of William Shakespeare.

The series, nominated for a 2011 Harvey Award for Best New Comic Series, has been attacked by Shakespearean scholar Kimberly Cox who proclaimed the series made her “throw up in her mouth” and said that she wanted to “bitch slap” the creative team.

But many lovers of the Bard have rallied to the comic’s defense with the team speaking at both the Folger Institute (the largest collection of Shakespearean works in the world), the Stratford Festival (North America’s largest Shakespearean festival) as well as being invited to attend the Shakespeare Association of America’s 2012 annual conference.

Kill Shakespeare has also been brought to life on stage in Toronto, and the team has received funding for both a feature film screenplay and a mobile app based on the concept.

“It’s been amazing to see so many comic and Shakespeare fans band together to dig into our world. We’re fortunate to be able to tell our bloody, funny, lustful take in other mediums,” says co-creator Anthony Del Col “We hope we can shock, offend and amuse the fans in Bristol just like we have at conventions around the world.”

Source: Bristol Comic Expo
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