The Crows Shall Fly Again In April

Takashi Miike is on the role this year. Not only was there a New York release of Yatterman which will be released in Japan next month, Miike will release the much awaited sequel to his blockbuster juvenile delinquent movie, Crows Zero in April.

Crows Zero, is the prequel to a manga created by Hiroshi Takehashi called Crows. The premise was simple. In order for Genya Takaya to be the successful heir to his father’s Yakuza syndicate, he must conquer Suzuran aka The Crows Nest. The most worst school in the Japanese school system. No one has been able to fully take control of the school, but Genya is willing to try.

The sequel will take place between the end of Crows and before Takehashi’s other hit comic Worst, an extended story in the Crows universe.

Crows Zero 2 will be out in Japan on Easter weekend with a rumored release in Scotland (can anyone there confirm this?). If you like to get a copy of the first movie, it is available at any specialty outlet. An English subtitled version will be available at Tokyo Shock at the end of March.

Here’s the movie trailer.

Source: Twitch, Nippon Cinema

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