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I’ve still yet to see this movie so I’ll probably be checking out the DVD (or Blu Ray thanks to my trusty PS3). Anyway check out the press release with all the info on what to expect if you decide to pick it up. I have to admit some of the Blu-Ray features look pretty cool (Build my own giant robot…hmm yes please!).

As for the movie I don’t know what to expect as I’ve heard mixed things about it. I do like a good disaster movie so hopefully I’ll get my fill of that kind of stuff.

Look out for a full review once I’ve seen it.



BLU-RAY & DVD 20th April 2009

Taking special effects to another dimension The Day the Earth Stood Still explodes onto Blu-ray and DVD on 20th April. Released by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment this innovative and exciting re-imagining of the original sci-fi classic sees the Earth teetering on the brink of destruction as mankind prepares to meet its maker.

Scott Derrickson’s epic spectacle stars Keanu Reeves (The Matrix, Speed) as Klaatu, a humanoid who arrives on Earth as a harbinger of death. Sent by an alien species and accompanied by a giant and ominous robot, he has just one mission: seek redemption for sins committed against the Earth. With the clock ticking, and alien warships landing across the globe, civilisation has just a few hours to prove it can change or face total destruction!

Threatened with imminent annihilation, determined professor Helen Benson (Jennifer Connelly; A Beautiful Mind, Blood Diamond) and her stepson, Jacob (Jaden Smith; The Pursuit of Happyness) find themselves embroiled in the alien’s plan and fast become the world’s only hope to stave off apocalyptic obliteration. With the future of Earth hanging in the balance will they be able to save mankind in time?

With Scott Derrickson at the helm and a phenomenal supporting cast that includes the brilliant John Cleese (A Fish Called Wanda), Mad Men’s John Hamm and Oscar-winner Kathy Bates (Misery, Revolutionary Road) The Day the Earth Stood Still is set to be the biggest action Sci-Fi film released on Blu-ray and DVD this year.

DVD and Blu-ray details:

Release date:                    20th April 2009

Running time:                   104 mins

Distributor:                      Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Certificate:                         12

DVD Price:                           £19.99

Blu-ray Price:                     £24.99

Special features:

This high-stakes mission to save mankind from total annihilation is available on Blu-ray and DVD in widescreen format.

Blu-ray Disc:

  • Build Your Own Gort – interactive feature for viewers to create their own unique Gort using elements from early Gort designs
  • Picture-in-Picture Bonus View – allows a special insider’s look into the alien invasion!
  • In-Movie Features – access commentaries, picture-in-picture track, and storyboards at any time during the film
  • Deleted Scenes – your chance to view three scenes that did not make the final cut of the film:
    • Equipment is issued to the scientists
    • Helen and Granier discuss the shot
    • Extended version of Klaatu being wheeled down hallway
  • Re-Imagining “The Day” – a look at the making of this re-imagined version of the film
  • Unleashing Gort – take a peek at the process involved in creating Gort’s new look
  • Watching the Skies: In Search of Extraterrestrial Life – scientists talk about possible real world scenarios for first contact with aliens
  • The Day the Earth Was “Green” – Fox’s first green production; details from this environmentally conscious set
  • Audio Commentary with Screenwriter David Scarpa


Special features on the DVD include (descriptions above):

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Re-Imagining “The Day”
  • Unleashing Gort
  • Watching the Skies: In Search of Extraterrestrial Life
  • The Day the Earth Was “Green”
  • Audio Commentary with Screenwriter David Scarpa

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