The Digital Experience Comic by Uproar Comics

The digital comic is something very close to my heart. It is something I myself have toyed with, with some of my own projects trying to make the medium innovative and different to the print comic. It is still in its infancy and that makes it all the more exciting. Now Uproar Comics have taken on the mantle with their new Digital Experience Comic (D.E.C).

D.E.C seems to be a half way house between a cartoon and a comic, animating the panels adds so much life to the comic book page and makes the doubters of the digital scene see that there is so much more to the digital comic than just a reprint of the physical edition.

Check out the video here:

I for one am very excited to see what the Uproar crew do with this.

Source: Uproar Comics 

GS Reporter: Luke Halsall

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