Edinburgh Int’l Book Fest Launches Amazing Lineup for ‘Stripped’ Comic Celebration

Typical! I attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year which was great and whilst there I checked out The Edinburgh International Book Festival  which was also great but I kept thinking ‘hmm could do with some more stuff on comics’. This year I can’t afford to attend the aforementioned festivals and what happens? They go and launch the ‘Stripped Festival’ just to spite me. The event itself takes place in August celebrating everything great about the comic medium.

Our Stripped events celebrate comics and graphic novels, including the global contribution made by Scottish authors and artists. Designed for readers aged 3 to 103, from curious novices to diehard fans, the Stripped programme includes modern day heroes like Joe Sacco, Chris Ware and Grant Morrison; rising stars such as The Etherington Brothers, Denise Mina and Rutu Modan plus a celebration of the great British comic institutions like the Beano, the Dandy and 2000AD. In 2013, British comic artists and authors are beginning to dominate the world stage: come and find out why.

The line up of guests sounds fantastic and includes *takes in a deep breath* Grant Morrision, Paul Cornell, Lauren Beukes,Garen Ewing,John Higgins, Emma Vieceli, Neil Gainan, Posy Simmond , Bryan and Mary Talbot, Kieron Gillen,Roger Gibson, Warren Pleece and many more. There’s also workshops galore and even a mini comic fair. To say I”m gutted about not going is an understatement. Dammit where was all this comic goodness when I was there  last year???

Seriously though I’m very excited about Stripped as it will no doubt expose more comic newbies to this varied and exciting medium  that we all love and show some of the fantastic talent that’s out there.

If you’re heading to the Edinburgh Fringe or book  festival then I heartily recommend you check it out.

You can get all the into from the Stripped pdf  progamme and be amazed by varied range of events on offer. I’m now off to start my Kickstarter ‘Get Nuge to the Stripped Festival’

Reporter: Nuge

Source: www.strippedbookfest.com

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